How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2024

Knotless Box braids are one of the most trendy hairstyles among young ladies and this is because they are stylish to rock. As a lady, making your hair is an important part of fashion you need to complete your dressing.

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2024

There are different types of hairstyle options you can explore and among these is the knotless braid. In this collection, I will be taking you through how to make Knotless box braids in 2023 and 2024.

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What are knotless box braids?

Knotless box braids are braids that do not include a small knot at the start of the hair. Unlike the usual box braids which usually include a small knot to attach the hair extension to your natural hair, the knotless braid does not include a small knot. The knotless braid can also be regarded as a traditional three-strand braid and is mostly made by black women.

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

In a knotless braid, instead of the small knot which is made used to attach the hair extensions to the hair for braiding, a feed-in braid technique is used. The feed-in braid technique involves attaching a small amount of hair extension or braiding hair to the natural hair as the braiding continues.

The result of knotless braids is pretty amazing and that is why it is a popular hairstyle in the fashion world. The knotless box braids are heavier than the usual box braids.

How to make Knotless box braids step by step?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

Knotless braids are pretty easy to make and this can be done by yourself or you get a hair stylist to help you with it. However, if you intend to braid your hair in the comfort of your home, you need a mirror to see how well you are doing. Let’s take a look at how to make Knotless Box braids step by step below:

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1. Wash and dry your hair

The first step when it comes to making the knotless box braid is to wash and dry your hair. Having clean hair makes the hairstyle last long. Make sure your hair is washed and dried before proceeding to braid your eye.

2. Get your equipment or materials ready

The next step is to get your equipment or materials ready. Since you intend to braid your hair by yourself, it is recommended you get your tools ready for convenience. Materials such as hair extensions, comb, gel, hair divider, and hair cream should be made available.

3. Detangle and comb your hair

After getting your instruments ready and also Washing your hair, the next step is to comb it and make it not tangled. You can apply a leave-in conditioner to make it soft enough to comb.

4. Divide your hair into portions

Now that you have combed and detangled your hair, divide it into smaller portions to make it easy for you to braid. If the quantity of your hair is much, you can divide it into as many portions or sections as you want. If the quantity of your hair is normal, you can divide it into four sections to make things easier. Make use of a rubber band to hold the portions so as not to inconvenience your work.

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5. Cream your hair

Adding your hair cream to your hair helps to protect it and also makes it moist which gives you a neat result in the end. You can add the hair cream as you braid along each portion or section.

6. Pick a section and cut out the box

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

The sixth step is to pick a section and use your hair divider to create a clean box shape. When braiding your hair, it is best to start from the back and move to the front. Pick out the section from the back and divide it into a box shape. Your knotless box braids can be in the form of small, medium, or big braids depending on your choice. However, make sure each box is the same shape and size for convenience.

7. Start braiding

After getting all the previous steps done, you can now proceed to braid your hair. Split the hair in the box you have cut in the previous step into three strands and weave the three strands together.

After weaving a minimum of three times, you can now proceed to add your hair extension little by little till you reach your desired length. The quality of your braiding hair or hair extension also matters a lot in the result you get so you want to be careful with the quality.

8. Use holding spray to hold the hair

The next step in your Knotless box braid game is to make use of a holding spray to hold your synthetic and natural hair together to prevent it from unraveling when you work. The holding spray can also make your box braids last longer.

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9. Repeat the process in step 7

After spraying your hair with a holding spray, repeat the process in step 7 until you are done braiding all your hair. Make sure the size of the box braids is similar to give off an expert look.

10. Clean and tidy up

After you are done braiding all your hair, it is recommended you finish it up nicely. You can make use of mousse to provide your braid with extra hold for a lasting look. After that, you can dip the edge of your braids into hot water to absorb the mousse and make it look neat. You can also spritz your hair to give your braids a shiny look and you are good to go

How to maintain your Knotless Box Braids?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

After braiding your hair, you need to maintain your Knotless box braids so they can last for long weeks and save you the trouble of braiding your hair for a while. There are some tips you can make use of to maintain your Knotless box braids. Let’s take a look at them below:

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1. Cream or oil your scalp every day

To prevent dandruff or other hair diseases from attacking your hair, you should cream or oil your scalp every day. That way your box braids will last longer and you won’t have to scratch your head at intervals. Scratching your head can lead to your braid getting rough faster.

2. Cover your head when going to sleep

Another way you can maintain your braids is to cover your head when you want to sleep. You can make use of a silk scarf or bonnet to cover your head. This helps to prevent your braids from getting rough.

3. Wash and dry if dirty

If you are getting uncomfortable with the smell of your braids and you don’t want to take them off, you can wash and dry them to give them a fresh look.

4. Take them off after a while

Depending on how tiny your braid is, the maximum weeks you should carry your braids for should not be more than two months. Leaving your braids for longer days can lead to your hair edges breaking.

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What is the difference between knotless box braids and box braids?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

Knotless box braids do not require a knot at the start while box braids require a knot at the start. The two are styled similarly but with different methods. For the knotless braids, your hair is what is used to begin the braid before the braiding hair or hair extension is added. For the box braids, the braiding hair and your hair are mixed and used to Braid.

The knotless box braids are often less heavy than the box braids and are protective hairstyles to rock especially if you are suffering from constant loss of your hair Edges.

Are knotless box braids better?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

Knotless Box braids are a better option than the normal box braids because they tend to Protect the hair edges and also create less tension on your scalp. Knotless braids are less heavier than normal braids and allow you to rock your braids in a protective style.

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How long do knotless box braids last?

The knotless box braids can be carried for a maximum of 9 weeks. However tiny box braids last longer than the medium or big knotless braids. Some other factors that also determine how long your Knotless Box braids last include the texture of your hair, how you maintain it, and the number of your braids.

What is the point of knotless braids?

The advantage of the knotless braid is that less pressure it has on the scalp. The point of making the knotless braid is to rock the braids in a painless, flexible, and protective way. The knotless braid also helps in hair growth.

How much does knotless braids cost?

Depending on your location, the average price of knotless braids ranges from $160 to about $600 depending on the quantity, texture, and length of your hair.

What kind of braids lasts the longest?

The tiny or micro braids are the best braid option to explore if you are looking to carry your braids for a long time. They can last up to three months and can also be styled as a knotless braid to help protect your hair edges.

Do knotless braids pull out your hair?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

No, they don’t. The point of making the box braids as a knotless braid is to enjoy the less pressure the braid has on the scalp of the head. Knotless braids create a significant lower tension on the hair and are also famous for their no hair loss or breakage characteristics. With the knotless braid, you don’t have to worry about your braids pulling out.

Can you wash your hair with knotless braids?

Yes, you can. You can wash your braids if you feel like it is dirty or you cannot accommodate the smell coming. Wash your Knotless braids with shampoo and make sure to dry them to leave them odor-free and also give your braids a fresh look.

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Do knotless braids break your hair?

No, they don’t. Knotless braids do not break your hair but are rather seen as a protective hairstyle you can explore to grow your hair.

How many packs of hair do you need for knotless braids?

5-7 packs of medium hair extensions are needed for knotless braids. However, this is subject to how tiny you want it to look and the quantity of your hair. If your hair is full, you might require more than usual.

Can knotless braids last 3 months?

How to make Knotless Box Braids in 2022

Yes, they can. The tiny or micro knotless braids can be carried for 3 months or more. You can also wash it if you feel like it is too dirty or moist for you to rock.

Do knotless braids last longer than box braids?

No, because of the lack of knot at the beginning of the knotless box braids, the traditional box braids last longer than the knotless braids. However, there is about one to two weeks difference between the two types of braids.

Do knotless braids cost more?

Yes, knotless braids cost more than the traditional braids and also take longer hours to make than the traditional braids because of their feed-in design.

20 Best Knotless Box braids styles you can rock

The knotless braids can be styled as Short box braids or long box braids depending on your comfort. They are stylish to rock and make you enjoy braiding your hair. Below are some of the best Knotless braid styles you can rock as a lady:


In this article, I have taken you through how to braid your Knotless Box braids and also how to maintain them. It is however recommended you visit the salon to get your braids done if you want to enjoy them for a long time. Also, be careful of the type of hair extension you buy. You can pack your Knotless braids in numerous styles. This article focuses on how to make knotless box braids in 2024.

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