How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks in 2024

Birkenstocks are one of the best sandals to wear with socks. However, it can be confusing thinking about how to wear Birkenstock with socks. The two combinations are not as weird as you might think they are. Pairing the Birkenstock with socks is a type of combination that can be worn across all weather seasons. This article focuses on how to wear Birkenstock with socks in 2024.

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How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

Birkenstocks are a type of sandal perfect for normal casual everyday wear. The sandal can be worn by both genders and is considered one of the best shoes to pair with your summer outfits. Because of the convenience that comes with wearing the Birkenstock during summer, birks lovers have incorporated wearing the sandal during other seasons like fall, winter, and spring. This led to the innovation of Birkenstock with socks.

Celebrities these days have also incorporated the Birkenstock with socks combination in their outfit. Supermodel Gigi Hadid for example was spotted wearing a Birkenstock with jeans and this is also common wear for Justin Bieber.

Can you wear Birkenstock with socks?

How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

Birkenstocks with socks make a great pairing. However, the combination is best worn for casual outings and occasions. Birkenstocks with socks are not a recommended pair for a formal outfit and are also not a perfect combination for evening wear. No matter how great the Birkenstock and socks combination is, it gives a weird look when it is worn to important events and occasions.

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1. How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

There are various ways to wear the Birkenstock with socks. Although the combination is perfect for casual occasions, it can be worn when going for an evening stroll, going to shop for some groceries, or a walk around the campus. This combination can also be worn when traveling or for relaxation. Avoid wearing the Birkenstock with socks when going on a date as it will diminish your reputation.

How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

1.1. Birkenstocks with socks and skinny jeans trouser

One of the ways to wear Birkenstock with socks is to pair it with jean trousers and probably a knitted sweater or leather jacket. The jean trouser would however be tucked underneath the socks for a smart look.

1.2. Birkenstocks with socks and boyfriend jeans

Another way to wear this combination is to pair the shoe with boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans can be folded up while the socks are folded at an ankle length.

How To Wear Birkenstock With Socks

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1.3. Birkenstocks with socks and dress

The Birkenstocks with socks can also be worn on a t-shirt dress or a knee-length dress during fall or Winter.

2. Best socks to wear with Birkenstock

2.1. Tonal twist socks

The tonal twist socks are a perfect combination for your Birkenstock. They are made from cotton and have a super soft feel. The socks also have a ribbon design and a Birkenstock logo at the upper edge.

2.2. Cotton slub socks

The cotton socks are a perfect combination for Birkenstock as they give a more comfortable feel. The socks are designed cozy and substantial without falling short on wearability.

2.3. Cotton jacquard socks

The Cotton jacquard socks are another best fit for Birkenstocks and are designed to be skin friendly. They are designed as knee-length socks with elasticized and pressure-free cuffs.

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Outfit pairing matters a lot in fashion as it determines how beautiful you look. An important aspect to consider in how to wear Birkenstock with socks is comfortability. As long as you are comfortable with your combination, you can rock it in style.

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